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At Shambala Yoga School, we have formulated the curriculum based on the ancient art of Yoga.

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About Shambala Yogashala

Our point is to make a community space in our YOGA school, which will furnish you with a fun, amicable, and comprehensive climate to rehearse yoga and deliver life's anxieties. Regardless of whether you need to improve your physical, passionate, or psychological well-being and prosperity or a mix of all, we have a class for you. Everybody and everyone are welcome!

Would you like to feel great in yourself, upbeat and loose? At that point taking a Yoga Teacher Training Course with us may simply be your answer! Did you realize yoga can assist with decreasing pressure, nervousness, and discouragement, also making in general harmony in your body, mind, and soul? On the off chance that you end up saying… yet I'm not adaptable enough…. but rather I can't contact my toes. Try not to stress you're in good company! We are here to help you on your yoga venture regardless of your experience, with classes which are protected, steady and comprehensive.


Shambala Yoga School has a dedicated and committed team of yoga teachers (practitioners) practicing, sharing, and studying Yoga for more than two decades. They know the importance of training while rooted in tradition, enables the Yoga Teachers to achieve their goals. We practice that we live, breathe, preach, and Yoga daily.

Our Yoga training institute transformed students into inspirational practitioners with the gradual realization of hidden talents. Encouraged them to develop their style of teaching. Our training follows a holistic approach and covers all aspects of Yoga. Whether you are a beginner, immediate practitioner, or professional, you'll find our courses useful. Here, you will come to know about scientific aspects of Yoga, lifestyle, and pranayam.

Yoga gets derived from the Sanskrit word Yug which implies to unite. In other words, Yoga is the union of the soul to the absolute. Health is wealth, and happiness comes from peace of mind. The core principle of Yoga lies in the proper relaxation, breathing, diet, and attitude. As such, for individuals who follow this thing, it is more than exercise. Such people have positive thoughts, find happiness and live a peaceful life.

We conduct retreats in a peaceful and natural environment so that you get an opportunity to take off daily life and give time to yourself. It transforms your personal experience to a more meaningful level while learning what it takes to share the Yogic tool with others.

Why join our Yoga teachers training course?

  • Yoga Teachers Training is an excursion that is not only about turning oneself into a Yoga educator or instructor but it is about an encounter that should not be taken lightly. It will confer you valuable Yoga abilities like arrangement and body mindfulness and how to dodge Yoga related injury, yet we have substantially more to bring to the table. Yoga goes past the physical and the course is focused on all-around advancement.
  • You will figure out how to live and keep a decent perspective in regular living. You will figure out how to be thoughtful to yourself and care more for individuals near you. This is an acceptable instructor instructional class that will set you up forever. All things considered a 'Day to day existence school' that will help you satisfy your maximum capacity. You will acquire certainty and develop your qualities. You will be in a situation to produce profound comprehension about existence, relations, and its issues and how to handle them.
  • You will comprehend the craftsmanship and study of Yoga. You will find out about the profound underlying foundations of Yoga and where it started. Part of Yoga legends, restrictions, falsehood from the web will be cleared. This is a finished and balanced Yoga Teachers Training course that assists with recognizing the real Yoga information.
  • A vital part of quiet living is covered. Significant Yoga ways of thinking and Yoga Sutras how to use in everyday life will be educated. The investigation will assist you with learning various approaches to handle and manage pressure and other ordinary diseases.

Our Teachers

Our team has been doing Yoga for over years now. Our team believes that the best thing that you can find in your entire life, is the connection between your mind and body. They lead people to strong bodies and soft hearts through yoga training. We give classes focused on strength, flexibility, mobility, etc.


Rahul Chamoli


He is a holistic and soul-focused yoga teacher. He was born in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga. He began to practice yoga at the age of 10. He grew up under the guidance of Yoga Guru Hari Om. He studied yoga and Ayurveda for many years. Then he started to teach yoga in Rishikesh. He has rich teaching experience. He is considered an excellent teacher of hatha yoga, anatomy, and asana alignment.


Anil Rayal

Alignment, Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga

He has a degree in Master of Art in Yoga and Alternative Therapy, Certified Yoga Teacher From Yoga Alliance(USA) 200 Hours TTC, RYS Vyasa Yoga Peeth Rishikesh. He has worked as a Hatha & ashtanga yoga teacher in Redfort Indian Yogashala in China for five years. He has working experience in Yoga Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh.


Guru Buddhi Prakash Ji

Yoga Philosophy

He is an MA degree holder in Hindi Literature and Yoga Philosophy. He got the first experience of Samadhi at the age of 7 years. He had a clear vision of his past life. He got initiation in Shankaracharya Tradition through his Master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and he practiced Transcendental Meditation for many years under with his guru. He has 40 years of teaching experience in yoga philosophy.


Swami Dhyan Sumeru Ji

Meditation & Pranayama

He integrates meditation with the contemporary scientific approach with core principles and insights from various spiritual paths into his teaching. He taught meditation in different countries. He has 26 years of teaching experience in meditation. His spiritual meditation workshops, seminars, and TTC have transformed the lives of many people.


Zhu Ling

Head(Shambala Yoga, China)

She is graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, majoring in broadcasting and hosting. It has been 10 years since she began to explore herself physically and spiritually. Yoga as a gift also led her life to a higher goal. She has been studying the traditional Indian yoga system for many years. She inspires students to achieve their maximum potential and is highly recognized and loved by her students.


Manoj Kumar

Hatha Yoga

He is born and bought up in Rishikesh, known as the international capital of yoga, it was in his gene to enjoy and explore the great ancient art of yoga, and he is strongly rooted in Hatha yoga and Therapeutic yoga. He has been teaching Yoga Teacher Training since 2016. He had trained over 100 teachers in India and abroad. Most of his work is in Yoga Capital Rishikesh, India. He has also taught yoga in China too for 5 years. He holds a Master in yogic science and he has also done 500 hours of yoga TTC from yoga alliance.