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At Shambala Yoga School, we have formulated the curriculum based on the ancient art of Yoga.

7 & 14 Days Yoga Retreat

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7 & 14 Days Yoga Retreat

7 & 14-Days Yoga Retreat: Rehearsing yoga and reflection have been known to improve personal satisfaction among specialists. As a few wellbeing experts have demonstrated, following a yogic way of life improves eating and resting designs, decreases pressure and nervousness problems, builds digestion, instigates a feeling of satisfaction and satisfaction, and makes us more merciful towards nature and other living creatures around us just as ourselves.

Considering every one of these elements and substantially more, our 7 days or 14 days Yoga and Meditation retreat has been contrived to change your present way of life and favor it with agreement and serenity. During 7 days or 14 days of yoga and contemplation retreat, our retreat visitors are remunerated with a chance to learn and rehearse old yoga structures like Hatha and Ashtanga, pranayama, breathing procedures, yoga treatments, just as essential Ayurveda exercises.

This two-week Intensive Yoga Retreat in India is best for the students who have already got a foundation in yoga, but not regular in their daily practice. Under the guidance of our expert teachers, this Yoga Retreat in India can assist you to explore tougher asanas and pranayamas, and delve deeper into yoga philosophy. The daily yoga practice of 4 hours can assist you to explore your mind, breath, and body.

We expect that you simply are physically and mentally fit enough to handle the intensity of this retreat. If you discover this schedule too intensive, you'll be wanting to return for our Beginners Yoga Retreats where the yoga sessions are lighter and there is only one theory class every day.

Course Inclusion:

  • Meditation: Twice daily, various guided techniques
  • Morning practice: Intensive asanas and pranayamas
  • Evening practice: Mixed level asana and pranayama
  • Yoga Philosophy: Bhagavad Gita or Yoga during an enormous Picture
  • Ayurveda: An introduction to Ayurveda in lifestyle
  • Detox: Daily Neti practice, Kapalabhati.
  • Video Shows: Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian Culture, etc.
  • Chanting: Once a day
  • Private one to a minimum of one Coaching/consultation
  • 108 Sun Salutations on the last word day
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